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Fast And Natural Remedies To Prevent Bad Breath

Bad breath is a very common disorder that causes embarrassment and great distress in the sufferer, but with some good practice and some fast and natural remedies, you can get rid bad breath.


Causes of bad breath

Bad breath is caused by anaerobic bacteria living in the mouth which produce substances that contain sulfur, the smell unpleasant. Generally halitosis is temporary since the presence of oxygen content in saliva inhibits the growth of these bacteria: it has therefore bad breath when the intake of saliva decreases, making the mouth an environment suitable for the growth of microorganisms responsible for halitosis.


Natural Remedies To Prevent Bad Breath
Natural Remedies To Prevent Bad Breath


It is therefore common to have bad breath when you wake up the morning or during the day especially when you have a dry mouth can be caused by different causes.


Bad breath can then depend on the consumption of certain foods and drinks: the breath, as we well know, it gets worse when we eat garlic and onions, but also a high-protein diet and the intake of alcohol can cause a buildup of molecules that cause unpleasant odors.


Finally, do not forget the smoke: smoking is a major cause of bad breath.


Persistent bad breath can be caused instead of taking extended by certain medications, including antihistamines and antidepressants, by poor oral hygiene and diseases affecting the mouth: caries, gingivitis, stomatitis and periodontitis they are often accompanied by persistent bad breath.


There are also serious diseases that cause persistent bad breath, including diabetes and chronic kidney failure, but in this case the bad breath is undoubtedly a symptom negligible in comparison to the disease.


In the absence of systemic causes, halitosis can be treated with proper oral hygiene and effective natural remedies.


How to prevent bad breath:

As we have seen, to inhibit the growth of bacteria that cause bad breath, you need an adequate supply of saliva in the mouth: so you have to drink lots of water or herbal teas during the day, do not spend much time in environments where ‘air is particularly dry and do not run too long between meals and the other, or skip meals.


In the diet should always be fruits and vegetables, while it is best to limit the consumption of meat, cheese and high-fat foods. As for garlic and onions, they are both very good body, but surely it is better to avoid eating before an interview or an appointment. Limit alcohol consumption and smoking cessation, as well as bring enormous benefits to health, surely will improve the breath odor.


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