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Numbness in the Hands and Fingers, What can it be?

Numbness in the Hands and Fingers, What can it be?

To feel numbness and tingling is very common, there is no one who has ever slept on his arms or hands and who has woken up without feeling them. However, numbness in any part of the body is always a sign that something is not working well, and although in these cases it is generated only for a momentary cause, when persistent, numbness means that there is some problem in the neurological system that needs care urgent.



What is dormancy?

The numbness is the loss of deep sensitivity that can have several levels reaching the point of their total loss, which occurs when the patient loses not only the touch in the affected region, but also the capacity to feel pain, temperature changes and movements, in these even deep cuts that go beyond the skin can not be felt.



All the physical sensations that can be felt by the human being are responsible for the nervous system, consisting of sensory nerves that carry the information up to the spinal cord and the spinal cord, which passes information to the brain as soon as it reaches the brain. he interprets it. Of course, despite being a long and complex path, all this happens instantly and imperceptibly and several problems from the nerves to the brain can cause numbness, which is why this is such a common symptom.

Numbness in the hands
Numbness in the hands


It is common to confuse numbness and tingling, however, tingling is usually caused by poor blood circulation and, instead of causing a lack of sensitivity, causes a strange physical sensation in the affected region.



Causes of Numbness in The Fingers and Hands

The numbness of the hands is a symptom, not a disease, so there are several reasons that can cause someone to feel it.

1-Infection in the nerves of the region, which can be caused by diseases such as AIDS and leprosy.

2-Diabetes, being this disease mainly causing numbness in the feet.

3-Inflammation of the nerves of the region, which can be caused by multiple sclerosis.

4-Carpal tunnel syndrome, which compresses the nerves of the hands and fingers.

5-Compression of the spinal cord, which can be caused by tumors or lesions.

6-Tumor in the region near the nerve.

7-Vitamin B12 deficiency.

8-Lack of blood circulation, which may indicate some vascular problem.

9-Use of medicine to treat cancer.

10-Continuous pressure in the affected region, as this can damage both nerves and vascular system.

11-Autoimmune diseases such as cancer, Guillain-Barré syndrome and multiple sclerosis (acute inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy) in which the body attacks itself and sometimes destroys part of the nervous system. Guillain-Barré syndrome and multiple sclerosis are diseases in which the myelin sheath is attacked by the body’s immune system, damaging the feel. The main symptoms of this disease are muscle weakness, dizziness and numbness that starts in the hands and passes to legs and feet, or vice versa. In addition, it is good to know that Guillain-Barré syndrome always occurs after an infection, although simple, and its symptoms begin to appear 3 weeks after its onset.


Numbness in the fingers
Numbness in the fingers

If you experience numbness in the hands and legs on the same side of the body, it may be a symptom of some injury on the other side of the brain, and if your two legs are numb, this may be a symptom of a spinal cord injury.


In case of lack of blood circulation in the region, as in carpal tunnel syndrome, do exercises by opening and closing your hands with a rubber ball suitable for physical therapy that can be easily found in pharmacies and relieve numbness in a simple and cockroach. Before that, make sure that your problem actually involves movement, as forcing an inflamed or infected region can generate other worse problems.



If you experience numbness in your hands and feet, this symptom can not be due to a local problem in the nervous system, but in some region that controls all of them like the spinal cord or the brain.



In case of numbness always look for a neurologist doctor as soon as there are several diseases that lead to this symptom and all of them are extremely serious.


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