Why Do We Feel Palpitations In The Eye?

palpitations in the eye

Causes of Palpitations In The Eye It is very common, in fact, it has happened to all of us, that at any moment, being in any situation, suddenly we feel our eye throb or beat. This sensation may be occasional or lasting, and may also vary in intensity.     …

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Cramping In Pregnancy, is it normal?

Cramping In Pregnancy

Cramping In Pregnancy, is it normal? Desired by many women, pregnancy is the mother’s first and closest contact with her baby, it is in this process that the maternal relationship of care and love begins to last for the rest of one’s life. Despite the beauty of this moment, we …

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Dry Eyes Due To Anxiety: Causes and Treatment

Dry Eyes Due To Anxiety

Dry Eyes Due To Anxiety: Causes and Treatment The dry eye is the main reason for ophthalmological consultation. It is a condition that implies that the eyes do not maintain adequate tear film or necessary for the proper functioning of the eye. The function of this film is to keep …

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Bleeding After Having Sex In Women

Bleeding after having sex in women

Bleeding After Having Sex In Women Although it is something that occurs relatively frequently and that most women go through it at some point in their lives, you should know that bleeding after having sex is not normal. That does not mean that it has to be something serious, but …

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At What Age Do Babies See?

At what age do babies see

At What Age Do Babies See? The human eye is a very complex structure that already in the embryo is almost fully developed. But at that moment the eye is still functionally immature, although it reacts to light, color and movement. Some methods of in utero stimulation activate movements of …

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What Causes Coughing Pain In The Lungs?

Coughing Pain In The Lungs

Coughing Pain In The Lungs The lungs are indispensable organs for the correct functioning of the whole organism. It is an essential sector for the respiratory system, however, they can be affected by numerous alterations and produce discomfort in the area, which can be permanent, or appear when performing some …

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How To Stop Nose Bleeding In Pregnancy?

Nose bleeding in pregnancy

Nose Bleeding In Pregnancy Although nosebleeds may be frequent in certain people and pose no greater risks, many women are worried when nosebleeds occur steadily during pregnancy. This is because it is rare to know that this disorder is one of the discomforts of a child’s pregnancy because it is …

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What Causes Tingling in the face?

Tingling in the face

Tingling in the face: causes Tingling is a sensation that usually occurs in the hands, feet and extremities, usually because of poor circulation that causes these areas to fall asleep. However, it is not so usual that we feel it in the face, so the person can be alarmed.   …

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