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Pain In The Neck On The Left Side: Causes and Treatments

Pain In The Neck On The Left Side

Feeling pain is a real nuisance. Sometimes, depending on the intensity of the pain and its location, it may even prevent us from carrying out our daily activities, such as study and work. We already know that when the pain appears, it indicates that something is wrong going on in our organism – as a sign. Often the pain can be muscular, but it can also be a symptom of some major disease that is also affecting other organs.In this article we will explain about Pain In The Neck On The Left Side



Pain in the neck

There are several reasons that can cause pain in the nape of the neck, which may be accompanied by other symptoms or not:


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Pain In The Neck On The Left Side: What Is This?

One of the most common causes for this type of pain is poor bedtime posture. If you feel the pain more intense when you wake up, this is probably your case. It is a type of pain that can be easily relieved with the use of muscle relaxants and painkillers; however, there is a lot of bedtime care that prevents poor posture and consequently pain:


  • Pillow in the correct position: the pillow must keep your head and neck aligned to the rest of the spine, ie avoid very high pillows
  • Avoid sleeping on your stomach: this position requires a large rotation of the head to one side, which can strain the muscles of the region too much, causing pain
  • Avoid Stress: Stressed people tend to tighten their muscles at bedtime, increasing muscle tension.


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Pain in the neck of the left side near the ear


  • Pain in the neck and head: probably this pain is due to a cervicogenic headache. It is a pain behind the head, above the nape of the neck, because it is related to a neck problem (neck and neck). It is caused by some change in this region that may be related to more delicate problems such as a herniated disc, but also with torticollis and postural problems. Only a medical specialist may need to have a diagnosis.
  • Muscle spasm pain: A spasm or contraction of the muscles is a common cause for pain in the neck and shoulders. This is because these muscles are interconnected, so any trauma to the nape of the neck can radiate to the shoulders and also behind the ears. See also Pain in Shoulder Blade
  • Mastoiditis: The mastoid bone is located behind the ear. Bacterial infections in this bone or the formation of a cyst cause pains that can radiate, in addition to swelling, fever and redness behind the ears.


Pain in the neck on the left side
Pain in the neck on the left side

Neck pain and dizziness

Symptoms such as neck pain, dizziness, nausea and malaise (when accompanied) are very general and nonspecific, being difficult to diagnose or even suppose some illness. The treatment is symptomatic, that is, it fights only the symptoms, made with muscle relaxants, analgesics and rest. For a diagnosis, a complete report of the pain must be reported to the doctor: where exactly does it hurt? What is the type of pain (pricking, pinching, pulsation)? Is it intense or weak? Does it radiate to other parts of the body? Does the pain come and go or does it stay? How long have the symptoms been lasting? Does it worsen with light or sounds?



In addition, factors such as age, sex, lifestyle, and medical history are critical for the physician to be able to identify the cause of the pain. You need to be aware of these symptoms as they can be simple and pass quickly, but they can also indicate some more serious neurological problems, such as meningitis or aneurysm.Read also Burning Pain in Back



Headache, Nape and Eyes

Stay alert for constant headaches and double vision, eye and neck aches. This is because they may be symptoms of a cerebral aneurysm, a serious problem that can be confirmed by the doctor through a cerebral arteriography. If you have these symptoms, you are advised to seek a hospital as soon as possible, as the aneurysm can leave severe sequelae in the patient’s brain.

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Pain in the neck – treatments and how to relieve

  • Application of a heat pack;
  • Massage;
  • Physiotherapy;
  • Stretching exercises;
  • Maintain a correct posture;
  • When getting up in the morning, avoid sudden movements.

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