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Palpitations In The Throat: Causes and Treatment

Palpitations in the throat

Palpitations in the throat are heart beats that feel like our heart is beating fast or fast in that area. These are heart palpitations that can be felt in the neck, throat or chest and cause discomfort, causing the person to feel his own heartbeat. The causes of heartbeat in this region of the body are often associated with increased heart rate, but not in all cases. In addition, it is possible that the person also noticed that the beat is irregular, as if they were cut.



Palpitations in the throat: when do we feel?

Palpitations in the throat, a condition known as precordial palpitation, occurs when you feel the heart beat in your heart. Some people may feel palpitations in the throat at bedtime, describing the symptom as if they felt the heart going to jump out of the throat. However, this is a false sensation that usually goes away after a few seconds.



Increased physical activity, stress or anxiety-provoking situations are some of the times when this situation may arise. Symptoms that accompany the pulsating heart sensation in the throat may be:

  • Strong, rapid beats on the chest or neck.
  • Irregular beats. Feeling that the heart stops for a second or does not beat regularly.
  • Chest pain that can change in intensity.
  • Feeling of anguish.


Palpitations in the throat
Palpitations in the throat

Heart Throbbing in the Throat: Causes

In most cases, palpitations are patient perceptions triggered by a sudden and temporary rise in blood pressure. The causes of palpitations in the throat are usually as follows:




It is an inflammation of the tonsils caused by a virus or bacteria. Among the most common symptoms are difficulty swallowing saliva, food or drink, fever, headache, sensitivity in the area and ear pain. It is also possible to have the feeling that the heart is beating in the throat as a result of the swelling.



Laryngeal spasm

It is a contraction of the muscles that causes an exaggerated response of the clasp of the glottis. As a consequence, the person may experience shortness of breath and contractions in the muscles of the chest and abdomen, as well as the sensation of pulsation in the throat.



Inflammation due to gastroesophageal reflux

Known as esophagitis, it occurs when the contents of the stomach return to the esophagus, damaging this muscular conduit as a consequence of the acids used to break down the food. Feeling palpitations in the throat may be due to overeating, smoking, drinking alcohol, etc. During pregnancy, hormonal changes can also cause gastroesophageal reflux.



Throbbing in the throat and anxiety

Anxiety causes a number of changes in the body, among which the increase in blood pressure stands out. In most cases where a person claims to feel palpitations in the throat, the heart rate is higher than normal. Therefore, exposure to periods of intense stress or anxiety may lead to this condition. Visit How to Overcome Anxiety?





Medicines to treat asthma, heart problems, or high blood pressure may have a palpitation of the neck as a side effect.

Other causes of pulsating sensation in the throat or neck are:

  • Anemia
  • Caffeine
  • Cocaine
  • Hyperventilation
  • Cardiac valvulopathy
  • Exercise

Risk factors that increase heart rate

  • Abnormal heart valve
  • Problems in the blood, such as having low levels of potassium
  • Sudden temperature changes
  • Lack of blood glucose
  • dehydration
  • Pressure in certain areas of the body



Throat and Throat Palpitation

Some people may be wondering if the throat palpitations have anything to do with thyroid problems. Both conditions are usually unrelated and have different symptoms. In the case of thyroid problems, some of the most common symptoms are tachycardia, anxiety and sweating, which should be reported to the doctor so that he can take the necessary tests. The test to check thyroid status is known as TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone). In this article you can find more information: how to detect thyroid problems in time.

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