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Pimple On Vagina Lip: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Pimple On Vagina Lip: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

The vagina is part of the female reproductive system of mammalian species and is divided between inside and outside. The external part of the vagina, by coming in contact with external materials, sometimes ends up having allergic reactions and creating pimples that resemble pimples. However, when the pimples appear in the vaginal canal, that is, in the outside, they usually indicate some complication related to the STIs. If you want to know what is pimple on vagina lip, read this article and see how to get rid of Pimple on my vagina.



Spines in the vagina

Pimples usually appear on oily skins such as the skin of the face and back, however, can appear on any part of the body including the intimate parts, in case of spine there is the creation of pimple on vagina that should not be in any way blown or scrambled.



If you are experiencing this, avoid touching the inflamed region as wounds are the gateway to dirt and bacteria. In cases of sporadic spines, that is, they usually do not appear, it is only recommended to wait until they add up. However, if you usually have pimple in vagina, consult a gynecologist because you will need treatment with antibiotic and anti- inflammatory.



Genital herpes and pelvic pain in the vagina

Herpes is a sexually transmitted disease, that is, it is transmitted only through sexual contact.


The other symptoms of herpes are:

  • Difficulty urinating;
  • Pain and itching in the region of the affected skin;



Herpes is a disease that usually causes no symptoms and can be eliminated by the body without the person knowing that they have been contaminated. Because of a disease that is often asymptomatic, many people, especially young people, end up neglecting the use of condoms since the partner has no symptoms, because of this lack of care for herpes and other diseases, sometimes asymptomatic, such as HPV. frequency.



Genital herpes has no cure, however, in case of wounds it is possible to treat the symptoms with topical ointments, after all, the main symptom of herpes in women is the appearance of pimples on the vagina. To get rid of herpes you need to use a condom until the immune system can kill the virus that causes the disease.See also Herpes on The Hands



In addition to herpes genius there is also cold sores, which can be transmitted through the kiss, this does not cause injuries to the genitals but also needs care. Read Article Herpes on The Tongue

pimple on vagina lip
pimple on vagina lip



Warts on the intimate parts are usually a sign of HPV, another sexually transmitted disease. Most HPV-causing viruses are asymptomatic, meaning they do not cause any apparent symptoms, so as with genital herpes, it is possible for the person to get HPV and get rid of HPV without symptoms. Even if HPV is asymptomatic because it is passed on to sexual partners, then never trust someone just by looking healthy and protecting yourself.



In cases of warts treatment is the removal of the bumps on vagina by means of chemical burn or by the use of specific ointments that should be used daily for a month. Although it is chosen to carry out the removal through the ointment, a medical consultation is recommended to confirm the suspicions of HPV so that the specialist doctor can recommend the best ointment for its treatment.



Genital warts are necessarily caused by HPV but, even if this is an STD, it is not a cause for panic since HPV is an easily treatable disease and does not usually have major consequences. Some specific and rare types of HPV can cause cervical cancer, so a medical examination is warranted to look at the type of HPV that has been acquired and, if necessary, to monitor your progress more closely.



Cyst and Carcinoid in the vagina

Cysts are accumulations of fluid or air that can appear anywhere in the body and, in the case of the vagina, are usually caused by accumulation of substances in glands of the region, forming balls or carobs. There is no reason to worry about cysts, since they are harmless and usually disappear naturally, however, should cysts begin to hurt or increase in size, medical consultation is necessary for them to be evaluated.



Inflammation in the vagina


The vagina has some glands that have the main function of avoiding the entrance of bacteria and thus also prevent infections, however, sometimes these glands are overloaded, especially in cases of poor hygiene of the external genital organ. When the glands become overloaded, they become inflamed and very often increase in size, and can be felt by forming balls.



The solution to get rid of the pellets at the entrance of the vagina in this case is just to keep the region clean, it is also recommended to use cotton panties because the fabric allows ventilation and facilitates natural body sanitization, while other tissues are less permeable and can keep bacteria in the area, increasing the chances of infection and inflammation.



By the crooked in the groin

Mainly because of poorly made waxing it is very common to have ingrown hairs in the region of the vagina, which ends up generating a ball of pus with the reddish surroundings due to the inflammation.



In these cases it is recommended that you do not move your hair and let your body take care of the healing process, however, in case you usually have ingrown hairs in the area often, it is ideal to consult a dermatologist and to stop the hair removal to prevent further inflammation.




The furuncle is usually the result of a spine or the ingrown that has been tossed and wounded, the wounds are the gateway to bacteria and dirt, and when it is created, it is very difficult to avoid inflammation, especially in the intimate regions, because they are full of bacteria .



In the case of a boil it is recommended not to move in the inflamed area and to consult a dermatologist so that, if necessary, an antibiotic capable of killing the bacteria that causes the inflammation is recommended.

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