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Pink Himalayan Salt Benefits During Pregnancy, Newborn and Baby

Pink Himalayan Salt Benefits During Pregnancy, Newborn and Baby

For many years we have heard a lot about Himalayan salt or more commonly called pink salt. This salt, which has ancient origins and properties, also benefits mothers and children. In fact, its hydrosaline solution has all the energy necessary to give life. This salt contains minerals that are in optimal quantity for our body, and it is precisely for this reason that it brings well being to our children.

The Pink Himalayan Salt was born about 250 million years ago, when the life that was formed was in the sea. All the first living forms were born from the sea and if we think about it we can still observe the same way today with the human being. In fact, the embryo is born in the maternal uterus and through the various stages of growth it is in a water environment.



The amniotic liquid is in fact a solution of water and salt at 1% at the temperature of 37 ° which corresponds to the saturated solution of the Pink Himalayan Salt diluted in a glass of water. It is the perfect environment to transmit energy and nutrients to the child.



The amniotic fluid is alkaline and it is important to keep it in mind since the first baby baths should keep the same alkalinity avoiding aggressive products containing perfumes.



This prized salt is mined in the mines formed naturally in the Himalayas. It is extracted manually and each crystal washed in spring water and left to dry in the sun.



Unlike the classic cooking salt this salt maintains many minerals and trace elements (iron, manganese, iodine, copper, etc.) because it is not bleached or refined. It is free of pollutants and bacterial contamination. It comes in colors ranging from pink to orange.


Pink Himalayan Salt Benefits
Pink Himalayan Salt Benefits

How to prepare a saline solution:

The Rosa salt can be used in many ways besides the classic use in the kitchen. You can compose a saline solution for suffumigues and aerosols at home at a cost 0. Just boil 550 ml of tap water in a saucepan with the lid, to make the water sterile. A small part of water evaporates, in the other dissolve a teaspoon (about 4.5 g) of rose salt. While the solution is still hot, pour it into a heat-resistant glass container or bottle and close it tightly with a label that shows the date of preparation.



It is important that the containers have been sterilized previously. Not having preservatives, the solution lasts about 3 months. This saline composition can also be used for gargle suitable for disinfecting the oral cavity in case of a sore throat, cold or abscess. Also good for washing the ears and for mothers as vaginal lavender adding 1 or 2 drops of tea tree essential oil.



Pink Himalayan Salt Benefits and Properties:

Bathing in salt water with more tablespoons of salt helps relax the muscles but also soften dry skin. Mothers can make natural scrubs by adding a few drops of favorite essential oil or just a few drops of olive oil. Scrubs help improve circulation.



As was mentioned at the beginning, basic baths with salt help the children to remember the familiar environment of the amniotic fluid and to relax. Taking salt baths even for older children helps to clear the lungs. Excellent associated with saline inhalations.



On the market we can find small cushions containing this salt that, thanks to the synergy of the heat, help in case of strains, cramps, cervical pains, back pains. Excellent therefore to combat back pain during pregnancy and cramps during pregnancy.



Placing the warm pillow in the baby’s belly helps to relax it in case of a stomach ache, nervousness or colic.



Salt lamps:

In the children’s bedrooms, the pink salt lamp is recommended. In addition to being very beautiful aesthetically spreads in the room a warm and restful light that combines sleep. Moreover, by freeing negative ions, the pollutants due to electrosmog (TV, cell phones) and bacteria that can cause allergies decrease. In this way the air is cleaner and the whole family benefits.



Pink Himalayan Salt price:

The Pink Himalayan salt can be found in all organic shops, has a slightly higher cost (about two euros per kilo) than the classic white salt. Justified by the fact that it is a pure salt, by its processing and extraction distance.

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