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Pregnant belly sickness: causes, consequences and remedies

Pregnant Belly Sickness: causes, Consequences and Remedies

Pregnancy brings with it many new things. They look closely at the physical appearance of the future mom, its affective sphere, and its position in society. The uterus is a wonderful organ and over the weeks it increases in volume and becomes abdominal. This allows the baby in the belly to have the space needed to grow and grow at the best. In reflection, other abdominal organs tend to change their position and move higher, causing some discomfort. Let’s look at how to mark the beginning of pregnancy belly, which can be absolutely physiological and how it can change over the months and weeks of pregnancy. Stomach ache during the first month of pregnancy may be different from the one in the ninth month of pregnancy.

First month of pregnancy

The pregnant woman during the 9 months of pregnancy becomes more and more conscious of her own body. She realizes when she begins to grow her belly in pregnancy, weight gains and notes pregnancy breast changes month to month. Severe weeks of pregnancy may be similar to the pain we notice during the menstrual period, accompanied by abdominal swelling, pregnancy, physical tiredness, drowsiness and mood. This symptomatology is often linked to increased blood flow to the uterus. If, however, the pain is persistent, becomes stronger or even accompanied by blood loss, it is good to go to first aid. The midwife and the gynecologist will be able to figure out if your baby is good or if you need cures.

Pregnant belly sickness
Pregnant belly sickness

Third month of pregnancy

Nausea is a common gastrointestinal disorder in expectant women. Some studies confirm the association between the appearance of this disorder and the production of human chronic gonadotrophin (HCG) by the trophoblast. 80-85% of expectant women confirm that they had to deal with them in the first quarter. 52% of them also have vomiting. But when do nausea begin in pregnancy? Most women start to suffer within 8 weeks and about a third within 4 weeks of the last menstruation. Generally, this disorder ceases within 16 to 20 weeks in about 90% of women. Beyond this disorder, in the third month of pregnancy, pancreas may be associated with constipation due to a slowing of intestinal motility associated with high levels of progesterone. In the eighth week of pregnancy, the belly is still unknown because the uterus is located in the pelvic part.

Fourth month of pregnancy

When do you begin to see your belly in pregnancy? From the fourth month of pregnancy, weight gain will begin to increase. You will notice the formation of a dark line (nigra line) from the navel to the pubic symphysis and as the weeks pass will tend to extend along the entire abdomen. From now on, your clothes may be a bit tight. You will begin to buy some prematurely dresses that will make you feel comfortable and in view of the summer will be a great ally against the heat.


Fifth month of pregnancy

During the fifth month of pregnancy it is possible to palpate the bottom of the uterus. In fact, between the 20th and the 23rd week it is located below the navel and has now become an abdominal organ. At this stage you may experience some discomfort that may be related to the child’s movements in the belly. In the case, however, you experience a severe stomach ache, which is like spasms and it is irradiated to the kidneys and the bladder is good to go to the hospital because it could be a kidney colic. The same applies if the stomach ache is accompanied by blood loss.


Pregnancy Months

Pregnant belly grows more and more with the passing of weeks. At 6 months of pregnancy it is quite large and the bottom of the uterus is above the navel. In recent months the belly reflects the size of the fetus. Between the 32 and 36 weeks of pregnancy the uterus reaches the lower extremity of the sternum. The pregnant woman may experience difficulty in breathing, she may have digestive problems linked precisely to the change in the position of the abdominal organs that are moved higher from the pregnant uterus.

Thigh belly is pregnant

From the thirty-seventh week (9 months pregnant), the future mom may notice the first maternal contractions (Braxton hicks contractions) that will be felt as a mild tummy. It is the sign that her body begins to prepare for her birth. Contractions of labor (belly lasting pregnancy) are completely different. You will recognize them because they are stronger, more painful and characterized by a certain rhythm (at least 3 contractions in 10 minutes). If you are at your first pregnancy, do not get frightened, you have a long time before your baby is born. Have a warm bath to relax, prepare everything you need for delivery and accompany you to the hospital.


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