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Reaching goals in weight loss: Celebrate your success

If you have a few pounds to lose, certainly the miracle will not happen overnight. It takes a bit ‘of time to put on the extra weight and it certainly will not be a surprise to find that it will take time also to delete it. One way to stay motivated is to set small goals or the goals in weight loss. Do not forget that every time you reach a goal, you should celebrate it and see how you went ahead in your path to weight loss.

Reaching goals in weight loss: Celebrate your success


Every pound lost is a success. Celebrate after every 2.5 kilos could be a good starting point. It’s a big enough goal that you absolutely must try to achieve, but it will not take an eternity. Do not spend too much time between the finish line and the other in order not to lose the enthusiasm along the way.
I advise you not to use food as a reward. Definitely you do not want to reinforce the bad eating habits using food as a reward. Instead, think of other fun things. Get a new book, buy a new dress, do a massage or purchase of new tricks. Even simple things like spend some ‘time in an armchair, sipping a cup of tea watching a movie can be a nice reward. Choose something that you want and to work in order to reach the next milestone in weight loss.
Another fun option is to create a poster similar to those used during fundraisers. Mark every pound lost, and hang it in your bedroom or in your bathroom. It will be a good reminder of how you’re going forward and how many pounds you’ve already lost.
Write down the goals and celebrate each is a strong motivating factor. Do not be shy, share your success with others. The fact that we celebrate with the people you love and who are rooting for you can help you a lot.
The fact of “making public” your path to weight loss, it also helps you to be understood. You will always be more motivated and stop the program if you have to admit to your family that you’re giving up.
Go ahead, keep motivation high, sets the goals and celebrate your success



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