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Reasons of Headache After Eating and How to Cure it

Headache After Eating: Causes and Treatment

Reasons of Headache After Eating:

Why has a headache after eating? The reasons can be as follows:

  1. Low blood sugar. Hypoglycemia often occurs as a result of hunger, malnutrition or irregular supply. The fact that nutrients do not saturate the tissue immediately after a meal and the digestion process requires the specific energy consumption of the body.
  2. Intoxication as a result of constipation, weak peristalsis, lack of enzymes.
  3. Food spoiled food, inedible mushrooms, fruits, dangerous chemicals.
  4. Adherence to a strict diet, which can cause stress and nervous tension.


Headache that occurs after a meal is usually throbbing, double-sided. Discomfort cover the forehead and temples. There is a strong attack, it passes as suddenly as it starts, it can last from 5-10 minutes.

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Overabundance of vitamin A can lead to regular headaches. It is really very difficult to get an overdose of this vitamin from food, usually results in the simultaneous receipt of several of the vitamin supplements. In hypervitaminosis vitamin A, in addition to the patient headache worries nausea, abdominal cramps. While the condition of the patient does not improve, it is necessary to limit the butter diet, eggs (especially egg yolks), liver, tomatoes, and carrots.


Also causing pain can be a preservative in large quantities contained in semi-finished products and fast food. Sausages, instant products better to eliminate from your diet or eat them less often.

Headache After Eating
Headache After Eating

Regular consumption of alcohol during the meal will inevitably lead to a headache. And it is not just the large number of drinks but also a glass of wine or beer at dinner. Ethyl alcohol is a sharp increase and then a spasm of blood vessels, which affects the brain.


People who are accustomed to a cup of breakfast, the question often arises from a headache. And the answer is simple, headache can occur if the body is not timely received its portion of caffeine. In addition syndrome Abstinence headache is also accompanied by nausea, irritability, inability to concentrate, tremor.


It is believed that headache is the use of sodium glutamate, and this myth for many years. The fact that the results of the studies of this substance had been falsified and presented by journalists to the public as a sensational discovery.In fact, a person does not eat that amount of monosodium glutamate from the food that could have a negative impact on their health. The same goes for soy products. Up to date, soy recognized as one of the safest and most useful sources of complete protein, and they do not contain any substances that can cause headaches.


Doctors say that endure the headache is bad because the expectation that everything will go by itself only increases the discomfort. It is best to start immediately after the pain of taking the pain medication for the recommended dosing instructions. It is desirable having a medicine cabinet always has one of the proven means to relieve pain: analgin, Citramonum, paracetamol spazmalgon.


If you get sick after eating there on a regular basis, you should consult your doctor, even if the medication is easy to deal with the pain.

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Traditional Medicine Recipes To Get Rid Of Headache After Eating:

Ginger tea – this is truly a magic tool to accelerate metabolism. This drink helps the body digest food faster and more efficiently, resulting in improved biochemical composition of blood and tissues receiving glucose, oxygen, vitamins and minerals in the required amount.


To prepare the ginger tea, you need to boil 2 cups of water, add 2 hours. L.picada ginger and leave infused for 10 minutes. can be added to the finished lemon tea. Mel sweetens better, but should be added only after cooling to room temperature, since at high temperatures honey not only loses useful properties, but also highlights the dangerous substances.




Simple but effective way to get rid of headache! Result will not take long! Our readers have confirmed that they have successfully used this method. Having looked carefully, we decided to share it with you.


Upon receipt of this tea is felt a little warm in the abdomen and feeling the temperature rise. Better start with ginger drink 1 sip after a meal, and patients with chronic diseases of the digestive system organs should consult a doctor.


For the prevention of headache after eating, drink a glass of ginger drink one day after each meal. And if the headache has started, you can drink a whole cup at a time.


We should get accustomed to following the diet. In most of the times, the head starts to hurt when after a hard day of, without a person eat a snack before bedtime. If there is no appetite in the morning, and do not want to drink coffee it is best to try to get yourself half an hour early. No Dine does not need to attack but in a relaxed atmosphere. Between meals, you can arrange snacks, but there are no pastries, pastry or fast food, and fruits, vegetables and nuts.


Headache can cause products containing sweeteners, preservatives, caffeine, excess salt.


Useful products for disease prevention are products that contain fatty acids, riboflavin, vitamins, a sufficient amount of liquid.Greens, especially spinach, fresh fruits and vegetables, seeds and whole grains, direct extraction of oil can significantly improve the condition of the patient.


Symptoms 4 during intoxication
Poisoning can be either exogenous when poisons to the body from outside and endogenous when toxins formed inside the damaged and inflamed tissue.
In most cases, poisoning leads to poisoning inedible mushrooms, fruits, herbs and roots, eating contaminated food, infectious diseases, liver and kidney disruption, alcohol, caffeine and nicotine medications.


If headache poisoning after eating suggests that toxins have penetrated the bloodstream. In this case, you need to call an ambulance because the self can lead to serious consequences, until a coma and death.


In the case of endogenous intoxication, eating is not the cause of the disease itself, but has an additional burden on the body, worsens the condition of the patient. Typically, in such a situation, a headache after eating is not the only ssimptomom.


Pathological manifestations during the diet

Called hungry headaches – uniform, non-pulsing, concentrated on the forehead or apply to the entire head thoroughly. The reasons may be different:

  • Firstly, a low level of glucose in blood tissues does not receive enough food. Receivers and analyzers disrupted. Food center in the brain responsible for hunger and satiety, signs of nonstop exchange with organs of the gastrointestinal tract. Because of this, starvation of tissues and nervous tension.
  • Secondly, when entering food in sufficient amounts can significantly disrupt the metabolism. With the lack of enzymes in the digestive system, food is poorly digested and break down in the intestines, poisons the body.
  • Third, the constant feeling of hunger and dissatisfaction with appearance leads to the fact that every meal, no matter how poor it may be, can cause feelings of guilt and fear of failure and criticism. In such a situation, it develops stress and as a result – psychogenic nature headache.

So if a headache after eating, it is a health problem.


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