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Red Losses in Pregnancy: When Getting Alarmed

Red Losses in Pregnancy: When Getting Alarmed

Severe pregnancy loss. During gestation, the woman is very attentive to the signals that her body sends. Every little change is welcomed with some fear, especially if it is the first pregnancy. And what if the balance is broken down?

Blood loss:

It may happen that you have little blood loss in the first three months of pregnancy. Generally this is not a worrying event, as it is very often a plant loss. They appear shortly before when menstruation should arrive and represent the time when the embryo is implanted inside the uterus.



Loss of blood. Sometimes it is possible to detect leaks not only at the beginning of pregnancy (in the first trimester) but also later in the course of the pregnancy.

Loss of pregnancy:

If the losses in question occur sporadically and have a minimum amount, then they should not scare the woman: it may be a loss related to sexual intercourse or a recent gynecological examination.


Vaginal discharge:

Though she does not talk about it constantly, she lives with vaginal discharge from the time of the menarche. The reproductive apparatus, in fact, is constantly changing. Leaks vary according to the menstrual cycle. In most cases they are absolutely physiological: we think, in fact, of the transparent leaks that precede ovulation.

Red Losses in Pregnancy
Red Losses in Pregnancy


Pregnant blood loss:

The most worrying type of loss for women is undoubtedly the one that indicates an abortion threat. If the leakage is red in color and accompanied by pelvic pain, then it may be an abortion threat, so it is necessary to go to the hospital for a medical checkup.

Pregnancy cycle:

And what about the presence of red blood loss? Certainly it is not possible to have menstruation during pregnancy, so if you notice some red or light pink loss, then there may be leakage from the implant, as anticipated before.


Lose weeks of pregnancy:

During pregnancy it is normal to have more abundant losses, because for hormonal reasons it increases vaginal secretion. Any vaginal leakage should not be a concern.


Pregnancy menstrual pains:

At the beginning of gestation, the woman may experience pains much like menstrual periods, especially in the days near the arrival of the cycle. These are symptoms such as headache, abdominal swelling or breast tension. Because the symptoms are so similar, a pregnancy test is necessary to clear any doubt.


Water leaks:

Hydrorrea consists of abundant aqueous losses that can be confused with amniotic fluid. It occurs at any time of pregnancy. Of course, if you have any doubt that it may be amniotic fluid, then you must go to the emergency room for medical check-ups.


Pregnancy with the cycle:

Blood loss in pregnancy. As mentioned above, it is not possible to have menstruation and at the same time be in an interesting state. However, doubts may arise from particular situations such as:

  • very little blood loss a week after ovulation (this is usually a plant loss, not to be confused with the cycle);
  • the flow is rather poor and the baseline temperature remains high.


Even in these cases it is possible to do a pregnancy test.
Finally, for any kind of clarification, you can contact your doctor so that you can take pregnancy as smoothly as possible.


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