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Right Ear Burning: Causes and Treatment

Right Ear Burning: Causes and Treatment

One of the most famous superstitions is about the burning sensation in the ear. In this article, we will talk about these superstitions and clarify the true cause of burning in the ear, as well as offer treatment options for the symptom. If you want to know what can be right ear burning, be sure to continue reading our article!



Ear Burning – Superstitions


When the right ear is burning does it mean what?

According to superstitions, when the right ear is hot and red, it means that someone is speaking well of you out there.



When the left ear burns what does it mean?

In this case, the situation changes a bit. If it is your left ear that has a burning sensation, it is a sign of gossip, meaning someone is speaking ill of you. See article left ear burning

right ear burning
right ear burning


Why does the ear turn red and hot?


Superstitions aside, it’s pretty easy and simple to explain why the ear turns red, hot and with that burning sensation so uncomfortable. This is due to the dilation of the blood vessels in the ear region, which increases the amount of blood that passes through them. The redness and burning sensation are due to the blood being red and hot.



The dilation of the blood vessels happens anywhere in the body for various reasons, but generally we do not realize it. In the ear is different, since the skin of the ear is much thinner than the skin of the rest of the body, being much more apparent the redness and the burning.



This process of vasodilation is quite individual and linked to the nervous system of each person, and comes at a time when she feels stressed, pressured, distressed or even criticized by something or someone.



Some factors help explain why the ear becomes red and hot. Some people are simply more likely to report the onset of the symptom, but factors that may increase the incidence of redness include stress, nervousness, and anxiety, as well as fever, migraine, drinking alcohol and use of vasodilators. There is also a physiological explanation for the case, as an unexplained discharge generated by some internal mechanism of the organism.



Because of the fact that several stressful situations can trigger vasodilation, gossip has been linked to the symptom by popular wisdom.



However troublesome it may be, you can rest easy: burning ear does not cause health damage, and there is no possibility of any blood vessel bursting. As unpleasant as the burning sensation and the redness are, the walls of the blood vessels also dilate, and then return to their natural size due to mechanisms of control of the body itself in a matter of seconds or minutes.



Causes Of Right Ear Burning?

When talking about burning sensation in the ear besides vasodilation, there are some specific problems that can cause this symptom:

  • Ringworm in ear ‘folds’;
  • Mastoiditis;
  • Candidiasis (yes, it may appear in the ear);
  • Herpes-zoster


Burning ear – what to do?

If you have the symptom at the moment, you most likely want to know how to cool ear hot as fast as possible.



You can try to apply ice on the spot (with caution, of course), but the truth is that if the cause for vasodilation is psychological, the most effective solution will be to solve the problem that is bothering you.



Seek to get away from the situation and the uncomfortable people and try to calm yourself by focusing on other things that make you divert the thought of what was bothering you in the first place. The positive side of this situation, at least, is that vasodilation is resolved in very little time.

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