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Sharp Pain in Big Toe: How to Get Rid Of

Sharp Pain in Big Toe: How to Get Rid Of

Sometimes it happens to perceive a sensation of discomfort or pain, more or less intense, localized in the area of the big toe. A symptom of this type, in addition to compromising proper walking and causing inconveniences in daily life, could be associated with specific pathologies.



The front part of the foot, called “forefoot”, is one of the most important and delicate anatomical areas of the human body. One of the most common disorders of this area concerns the area of the big toe, where it may happen to feel sensations of pain or discomfort.


sharp pain in big toe
sharp pain in big toe

The big toe is the first toe, the largest. Homologous of the thumb of the hand, it consists of only two phalanges: the proximal phalanx and the distal phalanx, unlike the small fingers, which have three. For position and size, the big toe is the most exposed to stress from external factors.



Sharp pain in big toe is an alarm bell that should not be underestimated, because behind this painful symptomatology of this finger can hide important problems, on which it is good to intervene in time, once ascertained with confidence.



To understand the cause of the sharp pain in big toe, to understand if you are in the presence of some pathology of the foot, and find the right solution, it is always necessary an accurate medical diagnosis.



It is however possible to make a very first self-assessment of the state of your big toe, based both on the sensations you feel and on the observation of the foot, so as to be able to report to the doctor an initial picture of useful information.


The first questions to ask are essentially four:

  1. Where is the pain located in the big toe?
  2. How intense is the feeling of big toe pain?
  3. Are there also swelling and / or redness?
  4. Do I have particular difficulty in wearing closed shoes?

If the annoying toe pain is located on the head of the metatarsal (also called “nut”) and manifests itself with a certain frequency and intensity, we could be in the presence of a case of valgism.



Sharp pain in big toe is a very common foot disease, especially among women, and can be considered more or less serious depending on the more or less pronounced misalignment of the big toe itself compared to metatarsal bone.
A suspicion of hallux valgus may be further supported in the presence of other symptoms, such as a state of inflammation of the finger, accompanied by redness and / or swelling. In this situation, you also experience a certain difficulty in wearing closed shoes and you feel discomfort every time you wear or take off the shoe.



In other cases, the painful sensation can affect another point of the big toe. For example, a pain, even a slight one, may occur between the metatarsus head and the base of the first hallux phalanx in particular when trying to bend the finger, as if the big toe was particularly inflexible and stiffened. In these cases, we may be in the presence of a form of osteoarthritis of the metatatarsus-phalangeal joint, which is defined, precisely, rigid toe.

sharp pain in the toe
sharp pain in the toe

It is not to be excluded that at the origin of a hallux pain there can be a single traumatic event (an accident, an accident, a simple fall) or repeated microtraumas, caused for example by a persistent contact with shoes too rigid and narrow at the tip , or from an intensive physical activity, in which the forefoot is particularly stressed.



However, the real causes of a sharp pain in big toe could be many and it will be up to the specialist to ascertain them thanks to an accurate medical investigation of the patient’s history and his lifestyle.



All the details that you will be able to give the doctor about the characteristics of your hallux pain will be valuable information to enable him to make a precise diagnosis during the first specialist visit, and suggest the best solution to solve the problem.


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