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Sharp Pain On Left Side Of Abdomen

Sharp Pain On Left Side Of Abdomen

You may suffer from sharp pain on left side of abdomen, and the reasons may be several because abdomen have many organs. Sometimes the severe pain can prove to be life threatening so if you suffer from severe pain then go to your doctor for accurate diagnosis of the pain. The pain in the abdomen is hard to configure. Very often the minor problem leads to serious abdomen pain, but sometimes minor pain can be treated at home with various remedies. The severity of pain and the related symptom will help to determine the real cause of the pain.


Sharp Pain On Left Side Of Abdomen
Sharp Pain On Left Side Of Abdomen

Generalized pain

This is the type of pain which occurs in the half abdomen. The pain is temporary and can occur because of many other illnesses. You can get rid of pain without any medication. An upset stomach or indigestion is the major cause of the pain. You can follow some home treatments to get relieve from discomfort. You may suffer from the generalized pain because of the blockage of intestines or bowel obstruction. Visit How to Relieve Stomach Pain From Gastroenteritis


Sharp pain on left side as cramping

Cramping is also the temporary pain. You can get relief from the pain soon. The pain keeps on changing its position and also severity. You may suffer from serious pain especially while passing stool or gas; many women suffer from cramping during their menstrual cycle. It gets worse within 24 hours, but you will get relief by taking a pain killer. If you have diarrhea, then you may suffer from temporary cramping, and it is the minor health problem.


Localized pain

It is the pain which causes sharp pain on the left side of abdomen. You may not feel much pain at the start, but the pain gets worse with the passage of time. It is advisable to consult the doctor that you may not feel from any serious problem. Mostly the gallbladder or ulcer starts from the left side and stays in the same are. If your pain gets worse than it is a symptom that any abdominal organ is damaged or swell.

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Sharp Pain On Left Side
Sharp Pain On Left Side

Ectopic pregnancy

The sudden abdomen pain in the left side can also be a result of ectopic pregnancy. Whenever you feel the pain then instead of taking any pain killer, do consult your doctor because he will take proper tests and will guide you in the matter. The ectopic pregnancy happens when an embryo outside the uterusis implanted. The case is very rare, and almost 1 percent of such cases are taken into consider.


You may suffer from the sharp pain of the left side of abdomen. You will feel soreness in the lower part of the belly as well as the pelvis.



It is a condition when you suffer from a disorder of having stones in your ureters and kidneys. If the stones are minor, they can pass out from urine but if your kidney consists of large stones you may feel pain on the left side. The pain will be temporary and go away.


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