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Risks and complications of Si joint injection

Risks and complications of Si joint injection

The SI joint injection is also known as a sacroiliac joint block. The injection is used to cure the back pain which usually occurs in the lower back. The severe pain in the lower back also leads to the dysfunction of the joint. The joint is located near the spine and helps to connect the sacrum and the hip bones together. There are two joint of sacroiliac and the inflammation or severe pain in the joint can cause dysfunction.


Purpose of SI joint injection:

The primary purpose of injection is to diagnose the pain from which patient is suffering and patient can get instant relief. Sometimes the doctor makes the patient go through the therapeutic or diagnostic injection while many time these two injections are combined

si joint injection
si joint injection


Pain relief:

The SI joint injection will help to get relief from the pain, and the pain is associated with the joint dysfunction. The technique in the injection is used as similarly used in the diagnostic, but the anti-inflammation medication is not used. However due to some reasons the patient still experience deep pains then the doctor will advise joining the rehabilitation program or the physical therapies which would surely help to reduce the pain, and the patient will get back to the routine by increasing the activity levels.
There are more than 50 percent chances that the therapeutic injection will contribute to reduce the pain of the patient for a longer time. The patient has to go through the injection at least three times a year to permanent eliminate the chances of pain.


Associated risk:

When a patient has to go through the injection then for at least 30 minutes if there are no signs of complications or immediate reaction, then the patient is totally healthy otherwise patient may experience allergic reactions or numbness in the leg. He/she may be unable to walk for some time and feel weakness in the leg. The doctor will advise the proper discharge time for the patient to go home.
The patient may experience infection at the injection site or in the deeper tissue. Soreness or bruising may also occur.



The response the percentage of positive response are more as compared to those who have not get relief from the pain. Almost 75 percent chances are of improvement in the patient activity. However if the patient is entirely recovered then, you still have to take some precautions.

The recommendations advised by the doctor will be according to the condition of the patient, but the patient have to take precautions after the injection. An individual have to drink as much water as the patient can because the reason to drink much water is to flush the dye out of the body. You are not advised to perform heavy or excessive activities.



After the SI joint injection treatment, the doctor will recommend you to join physical therapy or the manipulation therapy. Both of the therapies will be conducted under the professional physician or therapist.

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