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Sore Lump On The Little Lips, What Can It Be?

Sore Lump On The Little Lips, What Can It Be?

A woman’s reproductive system is infinitely more complex than men’s, so it is far more common for women to have problems in the vaginal region than men have reproductive-related health problems. Sometimes the balls and lumps that appear in the vagina are not a serious problem, so do not worry without first knowing what it is. If you have a sore lump in the little lips and wonder what it might be, read this article.



Painful sore on the female intimate part, what can it be?

Benign nodule: Nodules can appear in any region of the skin, not only in the intimate parts, in which cases the nodules do not usually hurt and may even disappear without medical intervention. If the lump grows and you are experiencing pain and discomfort, seek a doctor to evaluate the possibility of being something more serious.
Pimples: Pimples are an inflammation in the pores that usually appear on the skin of the face and back but may also arise in the vagina, pimples on the small lips are normal and only need attention when they arise frequently. The pimples can be easily identified because with them appears a whitish ball with pus that hurts because it is caused by inflammation. The treatment in these cases is just to let the inflammation disappear, avoid stirring in the region. Read Article Pimples on the Chin
The vagina is full of glands that have a function of sexual lubrication and also protection against bacteria, as well as the hairs that line the entrance of the vaginal canal. When there are a lot of bacteria in the area, the glands can become overloaded and swell, causing sore lump on the big lips. The treatment for the inflammation of protective glands of the vagina is the daily hygiene that can not be made with common soaps since they alter the vaginal pH, ideally it is to wash the region with water and neutral soap.
Herpes: Herpes is a sexually transmitted disease (STD) transmitted through unprotected sex. The symptoms of herpes are balls in the vagina that can cause pain and itching, in addition to fever. If you have symptoms described and had unprotected sex, urgently consult a gynecologist for appropriate treatment. Herpes does not have a cure, but a treatment that can relieve the symptoms and cause the patient to lead a normal life. Visit Herpes On Tongue 
Sebaceous cyst: Cysts can appear on any part of the skin, including the vagina, and cause only aesthetic discomfort, since they do not cause pain and when scrambled can move beneath the skin. In general, the cyst disappears naturally and should not be a cause for concern; however, if they increase in size or begin to produce secretion, a dermatologist’s evaluation is necessary to assess the severity of the situation.
Boil: Small lumps on the large lips may be boils, which is an inflammation that usually arises from a ingrown hair that has worsened. Treatment of the boil should be performed without moving the affected skin and applying specific antibiotics.
Warts: Warts in the vaginal region are necessarily caused by the HPV virus, the disease has no cure but has treatment of the symptoms. HPV warts can be removed through a minor surgery performed with chemical burn or with specific ointments that should be used daily but require medical confirmation to be prescribed.
Varicose veins: The lump on the big lips during pregnancy or after childbirth are usually caused by varicose veins, they are lumpy on the small, itchy lips that are often purple. In addition to the itching, varicose veins also cause tingling and usually disappear once the woman’s body is readapt after delivery, which may take a while.

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Sore lump on the little lips
Sore lump on the little lips


Prevention of small lipstick Carcinoid

As seen above, the causative factors of the lump in the vaginal area are diverse and have several treatments, however, it is possible to perform daily care that prevent many of the above mentioned problems and that help to maintain a healthy vagina. The main precautions are:


  • Wear cotton panties: waterproof fabric panties prevent bacteria from leaving the vaginal area and increase the chances of infection, so try looser clothing and cotton panties on a day-to-day basis.
  • Take bath after intercourse: intercourse, even if protected, will always leave the vagina exposed to various bacteria, so it is important to do proper hygiene after all sexual intercourse and also to urinate to expel possible bacteria that entered the urinary tract, avoiding infections.
  • Avoid Complete Hair Removal: Although current aesthetic standards require women to completely depilate the vagina, the hairs protect and prevent bacteria from entering both the urinary tract and the vaginal canal, so avoid epilepsy and look after your health.
  • I use neutral soaps: the one recommended by gynecologists is not to use soaps in the vaginal region, however, if you do this, use baby soaps or neutral soaps, these do not alter your vaginal pH and do not put your health at risk.

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