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Taking care of the colon with medicinal plants

Taking care of the colon with medicinal plants

How do you take care of your colon? It is essential to learn about so essential functions of this organ in our body. Know what is good for the colon, in fact, not only it allows us to avoid many diseases, but also to enjoy a better quality of life. That is why today we devote our space to this subject, and we invite you to learn about medicinal plants that can help you do so.


The importance of colon in our body

First we locate this organ: it is the penultimate part of the digestive tract; It is part of the large intestine and is about a meter and a half. Its function is to absorb water, nutrients and minerals from foods; in it, also, they are formed feces. We must also know that the colon has four sections: starts with an appendix, and through two cross comes to both the sides of the abdomen, to join up with the anus assuming the characteristic to “s-shaped”. As you can see, it’s not just a small part of our body, but it is an important and essential presence to complete digestion, absorb nutrients and discard via the faeces of those products that are no longer useful to the body.


For this reason, therefore, you need to know how to take care so that complete their functions. You have to know which foods do not damage or inflamed and did not make him lose his own bacterial flora. It is also important to know that many of our emotions can affect balance. Stress, anxiety, a life full of concerns, for example, can affect the balance of the colon. Please note that numerous studies tell us that the stomach and intestines are the second brain in our body.

Taking care of the colon with medicinal plants
Taking care of the colon with medicinal plants

Medicinal plants suitable for the colon
1. Fennel seeds

Surely you know them! Fennel seeds have an oval shape and are beige-brown in color, with a flavor somewhere between anise and liquorice. You can easily find them in health food stores, is milled to prepare infusions either whole to add to your salads, for example. And because they are good for your colon? Are good seeds full of antioxidants that reduce any inflammation, which help the colon to absorb nutrients and to make matters worse, improve digestion. Thanks to them, you will avoid both episodes of constipation is diarrhoea, as make a great balance intestine.


You can drink two cups of fennel seeds infused daily, one with breakfast and one in the afternoon. You do not have to do is put ½ teaspoon of these seeds in a cup with boiling water and let stand for 5 minutes. Incredibly tasty.


2. Mint

Magnificent! The mint infused will be ideal after meals. It is a medicinal plant that belongs to the plant family carminative, anti-spasmodic, relaxing and sedative. It, therefore, takes care of our digestive system, reduces inflammation and acts as a powerful sedative reducing pain and relieving any kind of irritation. To prepare it, you’ll only need a tablespoon of dried mint. Boil a cup of water; after which, let rest. It is important that these infusions not to add sugar to the maximum recourse to honey.


3. The plantain

In health food stores can get plantains ready for infusions. It is a type of plant very suitable for the treatment of the intestine and the whole digestive system in general. This plant is able to regulate constipation, reduce pain, inflammation, anxiety, improve digestion … and attention, a fact to consider: has a more content of vitamin B. You can not let you all run away.


It is recommended to drink the tea once a day, at breakfast. It is sufficient only one tablespoon of these seeds in water, boil and leave after that the rest infused for five minutes. Finally, no need to do is filter the contents through a strainer and drink slowly. You will get a great relief. And remember: always sugar-free since this factor is negative for the colon.


4. The thymus


The infusion of thyme is a great ally of the colon. Its secret lies in the fact that it is good to clean the colon, eliminate harmful bacteria, toxins, to purify it and reduce inflammation. Have no doubt it will be enough a tea after meals to take care of your intestines.

You will only need a teaspoon in a cup of boiling water. Add some ‘of honey and you will see how you will feel better. Do not miss it, the thymus is always a great natural remedy.


5. Sage

Surely you already know this wonderful medicinal plant. We need to eliminate toxins, gases, lose weight and regulate our digestive system. Drinking two cups a day, you will reduce the problems of diarrhea, possible vomiting and even nausea. This plant with astringent will be of great help: thanks to its sedative properties, will relax you and allow you to sleep better and will ensure that your digestion is healthier.


To prepare it, you’ll need a sage spoon and a cup of water. Let boil and then rest for about 5 minutes. You can find it easily at any herbal or natural products store. It will do very well.


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