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Ten Things To Stop Doing To Improve Your Life Now

You know that stress has harmful effects on metabolism? According to anxiety and prolonged stress studies can amplify the episodes of emotional eating, worse skin and hair, have consequences both physically, as the mental plane. The attitude that we have towards life can help us to live better, here are ten things to stop doing to change your relationship with your body and mind.

Ten Things To Stop Doing To Improve Your Life Now


Ten Things To Stop Doing To Improve Your Life Now
Ten Things To Stop Doing To Improve Your Life Now

1 Judge – The judgements that we are always ready to give to ourselves and to others have a terrible effect on our happiness. Continue to consider yourself an eternal wrong will not improve your life. Each is what it is: start taking things more elastic, learn from your mistakes and everything will acquire a new light.


Postpone 2 – How many things (for years!) You say you want to start? The problem is that all refer to … tomorrow. Take on the break and learn to act now, it is a new project or cleaning to do. Taking action makes us feel stronger, increases energy and enthusiasm.


3 THINK THE DIET – Think obsessive and prolonged so the diet has no effect on counting calories. As long as you limit yourself to think without changing negative habits you will not improve the situation. ‘So now’ it is one of the thoughts that hurts more: the important thing is to know when to stop … and do it.


4 SEARCH LOVE – Solitude sometimes is felt, not to mention the anguish of relatives that every family dinner you inform of engagements and children projects. Learn to say no. Focuses on what makes you happy, share your time with friends (and their families!): Love has many forms, you do not need to wait for Prince Charming.


5 EAT TOO MUCH (OR TOO LITTLE) – Compared to our grandparents, we live in an era of great wealth, and yet the food was never a problem as it is today. Stop obsessing. Experiments with new recipes and cooking with friends who want to share their secrets in the kitchen. Choose quality food … and prepare it with love.
6 WAKE LATE – During the winter, when the mornings are gloomy and dark, waking up can become particularly difficult. Yet to be early risers has many advantages. Tip the alarm half an hour earlier: you can prepare breakfast calmly, take a hot shower, use a quarter of an hour to meditate or do some stretching. With the right training you can wake up to an hour before, the perfect weather for a run outdoors.


7 SETTLE – When you think you can not achieve what they really want to do and you settle for a second choice, in any field, you are doing a disservice to yourself. Evaluates all alternatives, think about how you divide your goals and plan your commitment: come to terms with the practical needs is part of the game, but to be able to bring their own dreams in the real world is the real challenge.


8 EXCEED –┬áDo totally without something. Has it ever happened to you? Food, exercise, goals: either too much or nothing at all. Finding a balance is what will significantly improve the quality of your life. As suggested, it wisely, the grandmothers of yesteryear, the secret is a conscious restraint.


9 ALWAYS RUN! – Time is limited, but this is not an excuse to spend one day after another running. It’s hard, but you can do: try simply to slow down. Making things more calmly you’ll realize that you can be efficient without getting stressed. The true gift? One afternoon it all for you.


10 HEAR THE GUILT – The perfect choices do not exist, because every decision involves evaluations, joys and sorrows to be put into account. Yes, you have made many mistakes and probably still do. But let poisoned by guilt does not improve things, and damages self-esteem. Learn to forgive, tackles the day following the instinct, act according to their conscience. Learn to feel what is good for us and what is best avoided is the first step to wellness from the body to the spirit.

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