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The importance of breakfast

The importance of breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day because it breaks the fast during the longest rest period of our body. In the breakfast must be present the necessary nutrients to initiate the daily activity whatever it is, from go to the work, to the school, to do some type of exercise, etc. and depending on how this meal is, the body will or will not be prepared to face the day’s activities.



It is for this reason that it is vitally important that breakfast is balanced. It is important that it is balanced since in the same way that its absence can be quite harmful to health, on the other hand, an over consumption of nutrients can also cause damage to the body and consequently lead to weight gain.

importance of breakfast
importance of breakfast


In some cultures it is even the main meal of the day, both in relation to the quantity of food eaten and by its social function that implies starting every day together with the rest of the family.



So that breakfast contributes to our health is necessary that it contains the nutrients of the different groups of foods, fruits, vegetables, cereals, meats, dairy products, etc. in a balanced way and respecting the nature of each person.



Breakfast is “finishing the night fast”

When we talk about the importance of breakfast, from the physiological point of view, we can say that it is the first food intake after a prolonged fast as are the hours during which our body is at rest, ie the hours of sleep.



It is vitally important to eat this energetic food that the body will need after rest, for a revival made thanks to the nutrients of breakfast.



Experts who have studied the importance of breakfast claim that when we do not eat breakfast we are in a bad mood, we are completely exhausted and unwilling to do anything, we have an extra energy burnout and can lead to obesity because when we start eating, we do it in excess, since the body is hungry and does not “burn” the energy, it only accumulates it converting it into adipose tissue.



Recommended foods

When talking about the importance of breakfast is necessary to take into account the age, that is, a child has to eat higher amounts of calcium and foods with a high energy content. Calcium for growth, foods with large amounts of energy are consumed during the day with studies and games.



But we must also take into account several factors at breakfast time: age, obesity, physiological diseases such as diabetes, cholesterol, hypertension.

Importance of breakfast and recommended foods

  1. Fruits.
  2. Whole grains and nuts.
  3. Whole grain bread.
  4. Yogurt, lean milk or vegetable drinks with calcium.
  5. Tea, coffee or toning infusions.
  6. Juices unsweetened and fresh (made on the spot).
  7. Honey, instead of white sugar.


Food not recommended

Who does not like candy? The truth is that if we neglect the importance of breakfast and every day we eat saturated fats in the form of industrial cakes, we will have problems in the short or long term (obesity, hypoglycemia, etc.).


The following foods are not recommended:

  1. Industrial cakes.
  2. Juices with sugar.
  3. Stimulant and sparkling drinks.
  4. Abuse of coffee in substitution of breakfast.
  5. Abuse of butters, marmalades with sugar.


What happens if we do not eat breakfast?

Many people leave home without eating or having just had coffee and some candy. The problem is that eating little and just in the form of sugars and fats gives us very little “fuel”.


We have always emphasized the importance of this meal, since at mid-morning, if we do not eat properly, we will feel tired, anxious to eat something sweet and especially not very concentrated. After two or three hours we will need to eat something sweet because the brain needs glucose urgently.



In contrast, if breakfast is varied you can spend four or five hours without eating and we will feel energetic and more cheerful, because we will be avoiding hypoglycaemia.



The importance of school performance

There are many studies that say that students who do not eat breakfast generally have worse grades than those who take it. This is because the brain needs glucose to consistently get better. Eating four or five times a day is the best “multivitamin” for the student.



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