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What is The Importance Of Iris In Yoga

What is The Importance Of Iris In Yoga

There are muscles in our body we perceive when they are injured or ill ; internal muscles and deep that we can not normally find, let alone to control ; muscles , finally, on which we simply never paid attention .


Today we want you to know one, little expansion , which seldom is heard if we are not to contact him : the thoracic diaphragm ( hereafter only ” diaphragm ” ) .


Let’s find out together!

We go in confidence with the diaphragm


The diaphragm is , in very few words , a muscle once separating the thorax from the abdomen . We will dive in anatomical and physiological meanders concerning him , but his health and his tone are important from several points of view , from that posture to the digestive .


We then identified the location of the diaphragm expected to lie , but it is said that we can perceive it because it is a little invandente muscle and internal .


There is thus the rescue yoga , a discipline that reserves a decisive role : it is the focus of abdominal breathing , breathing the most relaxing we have available .


Let’s try it .


Basic exercise diaphragmatic breathing


1-If you can lie down , or keep a comfortable sitting position .

2-Bring your attention to the abdomen , even placing anything palms to amplify the perception of the body .

3-Started to breathe deeply through your nose making sure that during inspiration the abdomen is raised , on exhalation , abdomen subsides .


It is not obvious that you manage to apply the technique right away smoothly , especially if you have never tried . As mentioned previously , some repetition may be necessary first to find the right control of this muscle .


In any case , with practice , you will notice that , soon , the abdomen will begin to melt and the whole thing will become more natural and pleasant .


If this is the year from a didactic point of view , we go now to study it more in depth dwelling on finer nuances associated with this muscle , at least in yoga .


The diaphragm and its importance for the psychological well-being


In the breathing technique just explained, the abdomen rises and falls thanks to the action of the diaphragm which, when properly activated, goes down when we inhale – carrying out the internal organs – and salt when we exhale.


Just try to physically sense this inner movement, voluntary, deep, even at this moment, while we read the article …


We will begin to enjoy the relaxing power of breathing, riappacificante; It is in fact recommended whenever you feel agitated and restless, not least to facilitate sleep and is a gentle massage to the abdomen that promotes deep relaxation. They can practice it all, even the children.


So not only it is an excellent exercise from a physical point of view, but also mental and emotional.


Going down even more in depth exploration of the diaphragm and Unwilling to give an energy reading connected to the chakras, remember that this muscle is related to the third chakra, that of action, of will, of force.


So by agreeing to this type of interpretation, that muscle is intimately tied to the affirmation personal, individuality, self-confidence.


Its elasticity, tone, overall health are therefore connected to some of the most important aspects of existence of which we should have constant care if we are to achieve our goals.
An important muscle, not only in yoga This article has shed some light on a muscle sometimes forgotten that , unless of diseases , and peace and quiet lies within us . As we have seen , we are involved in some decisive vital functions , as well as in the most important breathing of yoga , the abdominal . We learn to cultivate this kind of soothing and relaxing breathing : not only snebbiare the mind from violent emotions , but it will help make our toned and healthy diaphragm.


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