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What Causes Pain On Top Of Foot And Ankle

What Causes Pain On Top Of Foot And Ankle

So you just got back from jogging, played football or any physical activity, and now you have pain on top of foot with zero understanding if it has happened because of the type of physical activity you performed or something else. This might be strange to find out what causes it, but there are too many causes of pain that occurs on the top of a foot. And before you go to your doctor for assisting you about the type of pain and its cause, we want you to be benefited by coming here. We’ve collected all the information and data about the pain types of foot and what causes them to assist you knowing your pain type and cause.


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What Causes Pain On Top Of Foot:

Other than injury, there are many causes that cause pain on the top area of your foot which makes it harder for you to jog and run or even walk. For your complete grasping of causes and cures, we’ve made you the list that will assist you in every single way possible. Below is the list that includes both the causes and cures for your pain on top of foot.

Stress Fractures:

Stress fractures are one of core and the most common reasons that cause severe pain on the top are of your foot without an injury. It is a small breaking of bone caused by overloading the foot. You need to rest, apply ice, and meditate in order to get healed.

Nerve Entrapment:

This type of pain occurs when there’s pinching or squashing of any of your nerves. You might have experienced this type of pain in the top area of your foot by dropping something heavy on your foot or by wearing tight footwear. Resting, eating rice, loose footwear can help you cure this cause at ease.

Tarsal Coalition:

Tarsal Coalition is of the rare causes of pain on foot because of its congenital being. It is only found in 1% of a population. You can get rid of such cause by surgery and orthotics.

Athlete’s Foot:

Athlete’s foot is one of the type of causes that affects around 15% population and occurs anywhere on the foot. It is often caused by poor foot hygiene. If you allow anything that increases the moisture level around your foot, you are going to get affected undoubtedly.

Hammer Toe:

One of the main causes after Stress Fractures is Hammer Toe which occurs on the top of foot deforming your toes and affects the position of your small toe. It is caused by using poor fitting footwear. If you want to get rid of such type of cause that causes pain on top of foot, you have to give up on your poor/ fitted footwear to cure them.

Any Other?

There are so many causes that cause pain on the top part of your foot some of them core are mentioned above to assist you to know what type you have. If you’re not being affected by any of the categories listed above, we prefer you to consult your doctor.

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