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What is Fish Eye On Foot? Its Causes and Treatments

What is Fish Eye On Foot? Its Causes and Treatments

What is fish eye on the foot? Well, we can start by explaining that the problem is nothing more than a hypertrophic lesion in the foot.

Also known as “plantar wart” (because it is located in the plantar region of the feet), the fish eye has gained this name because of its appearance.
Have you entered here to learn more about how to heal fish in the foot? So keep reading, you’ll find out!

What is Fish Eye On Foot?

As we said, the fish eye is a simple injury, there is no reason to worry excessively. It is nothing more than a small wart that forms on the sole of the foot, causing certain doses of headache.

Fish eye on foot
Fish eye on foot

What Causes Fish Eye on Foot?

Many may be the causes of fish eye in the foot. If the lesion appeared in a child, this may have occurred through a contact of the same with the benign HPV virus.

This is quite common since, during childhood, children usually do not have a fully formed immune system. In addition to the fish eye in the foot, it is also common to find the lesions on the hands or on some of the fingers of the little ones.

Another recurring cause for fish eye is stress. Cause of several other complications that can directly affect your quality of life, the buildup of stress can also have unfolding related to these injuries at the extremities of the body.

One of the ways to prevent fish eye in the foot therefore is by cultivating a healthier and less worried lifestyle.

Exercise, feed well, hydrate yourself … That is, follow all those tips that increase your quality of life.

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Other Causes For Fisheye On Foot:

If you do not think that stress is what is causing the fish eye in your case, then the culprit may be some stronger remedy.

Antibiotics, for example, can reduce the immune defenses of your body, making you more vulnerable to the appearance of these lesions.

A third cause for adults are still diseases that directly affect the immune system. With low guard, your body can be more easily hit by the problem.

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treatment of Fisheye on foot
treatment of Fisheye on foot

Treatments of Fish Eye On Foot:

Firstly, you need to know how to identify if your injury is indeed a fisheye. If the area is elevated, the skin is yellowish and with a black dot in the middle, seek medical assistance.

Often, medications and ointments that contain acetylsalicylic acid are enough to reduce the injury and eliminate the virus that is causing it.

Generally, precautions must be taken so that the medicine does not contact the rest of the skin (which is not being affected).

Before starting any fisheye treatment, seek medical advice. Only he can take the exact and accurate measures for each case of the problem.

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