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What is Stye In Eye: Causes and Treatment of Stye On Your Eye

What is Stye In Eye: Causes and Treatment of Stye On Your Eye

The stye is an eye infection, which appears on the eyelid, with the appearance of a pimple or an abscess. It often appears on the outer wall of the eyelid, or on the edge, but in some cases appears on the inner wall. In this case, more serious, one can notice a yellowish swelling, more difficult to heal, given the humidity of the internal walls. What are the causes of the oil-repellent? Are there remedies, not only a pharmacological cure, but also natural remedies?


what is stye in eye
what is stye in eye

The causes of the Stye in Eye:

The stye is caused by bacteria that grow in the roots of the eyelashes, which often proliferate mainly due to poor hygiene. Some subjects are more predisposed than others to this type of infections, and for them we recommend a particular care in the hygiene of the eye. The excess sebaceous deposited on the eyelids, for example, should be removed with mild neutral soaps, such as those used for newborns. In some cases the causes of the hormone are changes in hormonal balance, or a weakened immune system for some viral disease or infection. Those who wear contact lenses, then, must observe maximum hygiene, because they increase the chances of contracting it.


Symptoms of Stye on Your Eye:

The most common symptoms of stye on your eyes are eyelid pain, redness and swelling of the edge of the eye. When the pain and redness decrease the stye “breaks out” and is absorbed. The internal one is more problematic because it can extend the infection to the entire eyelid and conjunctiva. Generally the stye disappears in 2-4 days, although in some particularly sensitive patients, healing takes place after some time.

stye on your eye
stye on your eye


Stye In Eye the care to be followed

The styeer, as we said, usually disappears by itself, even if you have to wait for it to explode and naturally absorb, without trying to speed up the process in any way. Often, however, the problem lasts up to 3 weeks, so, especially when it is painful, it is necessary to resort to a pharmacological treatment. The pharmaceutical remedy includes the use of paracetamol or ibuprofen, which act as a painkiller. A specific drug, which aims at the elimination of the staphylococcus due to the infections, is topical erythromycin, which is applied directly to the infected part, often as a cream or gel. In the worst cases, you can contact your doctor, who will remove the eyelash closest to the swelling, probable cause of a prolonged infection, and to drain the pus from the hereditary, causing it to explode. In less stubborn cases, however, natural remedies can be used.

Natural Remedies to Cure To Stye On Your Eye:

Among the natural remedies for stye in eye, the most used is the chamomile wrap. Chamomile has a soothing effect that decreases the pain, and in any case it is necessary to take an anti-inflammatory and to be corrected in the hygiene of the eye, to heal more quickly. Among the compresses you can try, even the one with simple hot water (not boiling) and the one with warm green tea. In the case of a chamomile or green tea compress, keep the gauze soaked in the eye for at least 15-20 minutes, repeating the compress 2 or 3 times a day.


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