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What Side Is Your Appendix On? Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

What Side Is Your Appendix On?

What Side Is Your Appendix On? An appendix is a small size pouch which is located at the gut wall, at the start of the large intestine. The inflammation of the appendix causes the appendicitis which is common. It is a painful situation and typically starts with pain. The pain gets worse with the passage of time because it travels to the lower right side. However, the pain is constant and severe.



The medical professionals are unable to find the reason behind the pain but putting stress like walking, coughing make the pain worse. The patient loses his appetite, experience diarrhea and often feel sick. What side is your appendix on? You need to know because if you suffer from pain, you need immediate treatment. In the severe cases, appendicitis needs to be operated because a person dies if it bursts. Find out the symptoms and essential treatment for appendicitis.


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What side is your appendix on?

Appendix is a small pouch which looks like a tube. It is located in the first part of large intestine known as cecum. The small intestine absorbs or digests the food. The food which is not digested begins to form in stools and pass through the large intestine. The average size of the appendix is 5 to 10 cm long. However there is no functionality of appendix in a man body, but the ancestors believed that appendix helps to digest the tough food particles.



According to the medical professionals, the appendix contains immune tissue which also plays the vital role in preventing the body against the bowel and in developing babies. However, the function it serves it is removed with any side effects.



What is the function of appendix?

Appendicitis is the inflammation caused in the appendix. In this condition, the appendix is infected with bacteria from intestine which swells and keeps on filling with pus. It must be treated on time because the appendix gets expanded and may burst. This is a very dangerous condition because the contents I the appendix may leak in the abdomen. Early treatment is suggested in this case.

What side is your appendix on
What side is your appendix on


Who suffers from appendix?

Anyone of any age can get affected from its appendicitis. Mostly teenagers get affected. In the UK almost 6 young adults out of 100 suffer from appendicitis. It is the common problem in men, especially in western countries. People in West eat a diet low in fiber, and that is the reason they suffer more from appendicitis.


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What are causes of appendix?

When the appendix becomes inflamed, it blocks the short appendix. It may occur due to the hard stools which often gets stuck. Sometimes it may happen because of the indigestible food carried from small to large intestine. The stool is then forced to out by the wall of the appendix, but if it may get stuck, then blockage is the result of the appendix. The bacteria and germs become the reason of inflammation and block the appendix.



Symptoms of appendix:

Abdominal pain is the main symptom of appendicitis. The pain occurs in the middle of the abdomen and is very quick. The pain is consistent and becomes worse within 24 hours. It travels from the right side and then lies in the appendix. It gets sharp if pressure is applied such as coughing, or making any movements. You will ease your pain if the knees are hugged with the chest. Pushing on the lower right side of the tummy will be painful.
Following are the other symptoms :

  1. Nausea or feeling sick
  2. Fever and feeling unwell with high temperature
  3. Diarrhea and constipation may occur
  4. You may suffer from the frequent passing of urine which will be irritating. The inflammation may start to develop near the ureter tube which is located in between the bladder and kidney.


If the appendix bursts then, the pain will cause which may spread to the abdomen. In this case, any movement would be painful, and the patient is unable to make any move. It develops a severe infection in the abdomen and moving the legs or coughing makes the situation more painful. The tummy gets hard, and you will not be able to push into it.
In many cases, the symptoms are entirely different. The pain starts from the slow course and becomes severe where the appendix lies. In pregnancy, the appendix is moved in the upward direction because of the growth of the baby. You may suffer from pain which will occur under the ribs or up in the tummy.


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Diagnosing the appendix:

Doctors can easily diagnose the appendicitis with the symptoms. If you do not suffer from symptoms, the regular checkup or tests will be required. You may suffer from other conditions such as

  1. Infection in the urinary tract
  2. Kidney stone
  3. Inflammatory disease
  4. Colitis a condition because of the inflammation of large intestine
  5. Inflammation in the large bowel which is the first part known as cecum
  6. In women, right ovary lies near to appendix
  7. In children, the swollen glands may become the reason of viral infection and can cause appendicitis
  8. Inflammation in the gall bladder

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what side is appendix on
what side is appendix on

How to confirm the appendix?

If the doctor is incapable of diagnosing the appendicitis from the symptoms, then he/she will suggest taking the imaging tests. An ultrasound or CT scan may be required. These tests help to clarify the cause of the symptoms, and the condition will also be diagnosed. If there will be anything serious, the doctor will suggest for an immediate surgery and delay further tests.
In many states, the doctor advises to wait and notice more symptoms. However, antibiotic is given during the treatment. What side is your appendix on? The position does not change. It remains constant, and the pain is felt in the lower right side of the abdomen. Visit Sharp Pain On Left Side Of Abdomen



The antibiotics given during the treatment are very necessary and removes the additional risks associated with surgery or appendix. There are no complications after the operation. You will be able to live normally but if the appendix is not operated on time, then it may cause death and may lead to the life-threatening situation. So be cautious with the pain.


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