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What Sport is Right For Me and My Age?

What Sport is Right For Me and My Age?

Exercise for my age Exercise moderately is key to feeling good both physically and mentally. It is best to walk a little every day (20 minutes, at least), although it is advisable one hour. Depending on the age, it is also beneficial to practice some sport or physical activity to avoid diseases, cardiovascular problems, diabetes, as well as to prevent osteoporosis and loss of muscle mass, among other positive effects.


But after all, what is the most appropriate sport for me and for my age?

What sport is right for me and my age
What sport is right for me and my age


Up to the age of 30, in reality and without any medical contraindication, you can do any type of physical activity or sport. In this way, you can start at school early to practice sports such as tennis, basketball, football, or even begin to go to the gym.


At this stage of life, sport is also important, even if the person feels in good physical condition, even because it is usual to spend a lot of time sitting, whether due to studies or work. Let us not forget that sedentarism facilitates the accumulation of fat.



When you are in your thirties, it’s a good time to start running or go to ballroom dancing classes. You can also do other activities, such as zumba, which are very fun.


The goal is to stay in shape and avoid the extra pounds or lose them because, at this stage of life, the body begins to change, especially in the case of women due to pregnancy.


Both women who have given birth and those who have not been through maternity have other good options for getting fit, such as yoga or pilates, among other options.


More than 40:

In the 40’s, you have to start to be more careful because the body already shows some maladies of age, even though it is still young.


At this stage of life, begins to decrease muscle mass, so it is important to do physical exercise.


Some good options for achieving this goal are strength exercises with machines in the gym or weights. These can be combined with other activities like yoga, pilates or tai-chi to help you relax.


In case you continue to practice other exercises or sports, such as running, it is advisable to lower the intensity.


At the age of 50:

At this stage of life, women should pay special attention to the needs of their body due to menopause, muscle loss and increased fat and weight.


Nevertheless, men also have to take care of themselves because they tend to gain weight and also lose muscle mass.


For these ages, it is recommended to swim and other activities or exercises that can be performed in the water.


60 years and over:

At this stage of life, we must see to the strengthening of bones and avoid osteoporosis, among other possible problems.


Water exercises continue to be the most recommended for this age group, as well as ballroom dancing and all relaxation activities such as yoga, tai-chi or pilates.

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