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What to do when the lips are dry and with sores?

It is important to keep your lips moisturized even more if it is common for you to have dry lips. But be careful with the saliva, because there is an acid that irritates the whole region around the mouth, causing dark spots. The saliva is not made to moisturize the lips, but to ensure that the inside of the mouth is moistened, as well as facilitate in the process of digestion of food eaten. So, it does not matter if you are in a very cold or very hot region, both climates provoke the dryness of the labial skin, and in many cases can create wounds and diseases.


How do you keep your lips always moisturized?


No matter the weather, if you noticed that your lips have become dry and with many cracks it is imperative to use moisturizers.


A well known and effective moisturizer is the cocoa lipstick, which contains substances responsible for ensuring hydration of dry lips. If the cracks are very strong, with possible bleeding, it is important not to use any moisturizer, but rather a specific one for the problem. Remember that saliva will not help hydrate the lips, so stop running your tongue on your lips thinking it will help keep them moisturized, otherwise doing so will only contribute to dryness even more.


What to do when the lips are dry and with sores?


The first decision you should take in these situations is to seek a doctor who is expert in the subject, as the wounds can evolve and trigger certain diseases, such as angular cheilitis that is responsible for painful cracks in the corners of the lips or even herpes simplex can be treated with medicines.


Surely you will not want to acquire these diseases by a mere carelessness.


Keep your lips always moisturized and drink plenty of water. This will ensure that the possibility of having dry, sore lips is very small. Worry about your health every day. Take care!



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