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Where To Sleep a Newborn: The Place And The Right Place

Where To Sleep a Newborn: The Place And The Right Place

In the past, it has been shown that sleep between mothers and newborns prevents SIDS; however, placing a newborn in Latvian can pose a danger because it increases the chances of choking or is affected by involuntary movements of the parents. How can we overcome this? Falling asleep to a newborn in the same room as the parents.

How to fall asleep to a newborn? Very young babies need contact, warmth and even to hear the voice and the maternal cuddles to sleep serenely; that is why keeping it with it can be a foolproof method.


Where To Sleep a Newborn
Where To Sleep a Newborn

After the baby has fallen asleep, many women put him in the cage or in the infant basket; This choice is only plausible if it is thought that the ship’s fabric, also used outside the home, can absorb smoke, odors and toxic substances.



Today, too, is also the baby bag, which promotes the same sense of restraint that the child had in the uterus.



Finally, how much do a newborn baby have to sleep? Babies sleep almost all day, especially in the first few weeks of life, and wake up just to feed themselves.



Sleep rhythms change among breast-fed children, which normally sleep less because they are more fed than those artificially breastfed, that being always full and satiated they sleep for longer.



Newborn baby crib:

The cradle of the baby must be placed immediately next to mom and dad; this proximity increases the well-being of the small, and improves the psycho-physical development. The best method to have the parents’ warmth and attention, along with greater security for the newcomer, is to buy the cradle that attaches to the bed. The crib is comfortable especially because it is full of advantages but in little space.



That’s why the baby’s room must be set up as soon as possible, maybe when the baby is already big; Loneliness can generate anxiety, restlessness and make the baby too insecure. The certainty of having a mother close to her ever improves her growth.


Baby bed

The crib bed should have a rigid mattress, no cushion or objects that can affect the breathing of the baby (this is up to 3-6 months of life). The baby bed sheet should be replaced to prevent it from occluding nose and mouth with a padded pajamon or the same bag as mentioned above.


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