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Why Do my Nipples Hurt When I Touch Them?

Why Do my Nipples Hurt When I Touch Them?

The pain in the nipples is something that women often suffer several times throughout their lives, although it is also a condition that men may suffer at some point. In the case of the female sex, this ailment appears frequently due to the multiple hormonal changes that are experienced in stages such as puberty, pregnancy, lactation period and menopause. To expand this information and give a precise answer to the question of Why Do my Nipples Hurt When I Touch Them?, in a way we have prepared the following article in which we show the most common causes.


Women experience important hormonal changes in many stages of their lives and these are responsible, in many cases, for the appearance of pain in the nipples and sinuses, as well as greater sensitivity in the area. Beginning with the initial stage, puberty, when the breasts begin to develop and grow, the breasts are much more sensitive and this process can lead to severe discomfort, which will disappear once the development is over. In the event that the pain persists or is unbearable, you should consult with the doctor immediately.
Another stage in which women usually feel pains in the nipples is in pregnancy. During these months, the body begins to prepare for childbirth and major changes occur such as thickening of the uterus and breast enlargement since the tissues of these are prepared for the production of milk. Likewise, there is an increase in the production of hormones such as estrogen and progesterone; and all these variations are those that can cause sensitivity, pain and hardening of the nipples and breasts.



Likewise, the pain in the nipples is also a frequent symptom during the period of lactation. In this case, the discomfort can be accentuated due to the suction of the baby and the breasts are much more sensitive than usual. In this stage, in addition, the condition of mastitis is very frequent, the inflammation of the mammary gland that occurs when the milk secretion does not flow properly and stays accumulated. This condition causes symptoms such as pain, swelling, redness and hypersensitivity.


Why Do my Nipples Hurt When I Touch Them?
Why Do my Nipples Hurt When I Touch Them?

Despite being the most frequent cause, not only the hormonal changes can generate the suffering of pains in the nipples. There are other triggers of this type of discomfort such as excessive stimulation in intimate encounters. The nipples and aureolas are very sensitive areas of the breasts and an excessive manual or oral stimulation or carried out abruptly, can lead to feel pains in some occasions. To avoid this, it is essential to be aware of the sensitivity of the area and to control perfectly the rhythm of the stimulation, making sure that it is always soft and slow.
During periods of low temperatures, the nipples may resent and cause slight discomfort. That is why in extreme cold climates the use of padded bras is recommended, keep warm and take care of the skin hydrating it in depth to avoid dryness.


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Similarly, it is important to moisturize the skin of the body, including that of the nipples, throughout the year to prevent it from drying out and irritations that could end up causing some discomfort.



There are people who are very sensitive to certain types of tissues, so it is possible that the fabric of the underwear or shirts can also trigger the irritation of the nipples and, consequently, the painful sensation. In this case, he prefers clothes made of natural fabrics such as cotton and avoid wearing those made of synthetic fabrics.



Contact dermatitis can also occur and cause pain, irritation and redness in the nipples by making use of a cosmetic product or bath gel that is aggressive to your skin.



After a traumatism or blow in the breast area, it is normal to feel pains in the nipples and all that part is resentful. If, as a result, a bruise appears, there is hemorrhage or the pains are very severe, you should go to the doctor urgently to perform the reviews and timely examinations.



Although in very few cases nipple pain is a clear symptom of breast cancer, it is essential to check the appearance of the breasts to observe if there are significant changes in their shape or nodules are found when palpating them. If so, the gynecologist should be consulted immediately to confirm or rule out the condition of this disease. Do not forget the importance of performing breast self-exams at home and performing gynecological tests periodically.

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