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Why Do We Feel Like Belching? How to Prevent from Bleaching

Why Do We Feel Like Belching? How to Prevent from Bleaching


Burping or bleaching by the emission of air or gases from the stomach is the quickest solution to end this nasty feeling of fullness or swelling known as bloating. And although it is not well seen socially, yes, it is normal to have this type of gases, but is it bad to contain them? Why do they actually occur?


According to data from the American College of Gastroenterology, in the general population up to 7% of people suffer from excessive or annoying belching, and 11% report frequent abdominal bloating. Healthy people expel gases (flatus) ten times a day on average, although expelling gases up to 20 times daily would still be considered normal.


Thus, there are many factors that have this type of gases: the amount of air swallowed the efficiency of the gastrointestinal tract to mobilize and expel the air or gases, and the amount of gases produced by the bacteria that inhabit the colon and act on undigested food completely. In addition, each person is different as to their sensitivity or tolerance to normal amounts of retained gas, or to the passage through the intestine of normal amounts of flatus.


Whether or not it is appropriate to retain them, these will not cause any injury, although they can become annoying to produce a sensation of distension in the abdomen. Fortunately, there are some over-the-counter medications that by the way inhibit digestive enzymes and others that contain non-digestible sugars in order to do their job.


How to Prevent from Bleaching?

Burping is a normal act that produces the organism, just like flatulence, to remove air from the stomach that is swallowed in conjunction with the food and drink consumed.


The ingested air accumulates in the upper part of the stomach, causing it to stretch, triggering the relaxation of the esophagus. This causes air to escape through the esophagus and pressure to be removed by the mouth.


Burping can relieve symptoms of heartburn, indigestion, or nausea.


While belching is a normal process, when it occurs frequently or in public it can be annoying, embarrassing and even considered as a lack of education or a symptom of an underlying condition.


What to do to avoid belching?


Avoid chewing gum:

This is one of the habits that most favors swallowing air and consequently annoying belching.

No Smoking:

When you breathe in your cigarette smoke, air is also swallowed, which can later cause burps to appear.

Sleep on the left side:

This helps the gas accumulated in the esophagus to be released and relieve that uncomfortable sensation of fullness, acidity and indigestion.

Avoiding fizzy drinks:

Limit or completely remove the use of sugary soda, sparkling water, etc.

Take a walk after eating:

To encourage digestion, to relieve the sensation of fullness and swelling, it is ideal to go for a walk, to walk or to stay straight, instead of lying down or lying down in an armchair.

Treating anxiety and stress disorders:

In some cases aerophobia may be associated with stress and anxiety problems. These conditions lead to the person eating fast, nerves and that facilitates the occurrence of annoying symptoms. Therefore, the treatment of these underlying problems can contribute to the relief of digestive discomforts.

Eat slowly and small portions:

Eating fast and a lot is one of the main risk factors for swallowing air and encouraging belching. To avoid this, it is recommended to eat slowly, small portions and chew the food well before eating the food.

Avoid eating strong foods:

These foods include garlic, onion, chorizo, cabbage, among others.



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